August 14, 2022

Safety and Loss Control

Miscellaneous - IMA1027.jpgEvery dollar spent to compensate for an avoidable loss is a dollar which might better have been used. We provide our members with access to the most professional loss control representatives.

Here’s a sample of services provided to our members:

Individual Loss Control On-Site Surveys
Each member receives an annual visit to monitor and reduce liability and/or exposure to loss.
Customized Loss Control Plans
Members can request special risk and loss control survey visits to address specific exposures
Targeted Consultation Services
Members enjoy loss control efforts that address site-specific issues such as Return to Work / Modified Duty, Accident Repeaters, high severity claims, and high frequency claims.
Safety Team Meetings
Safety and loss control staff are available to attend safety team meetings where they will observe, evaluate, and consult on issues of importance to the members.

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